Starting MFM wasn’t an easy journey. Growing up surrounded by food industry enthusiasts and rooted in our family legacy, thanks to my dad’s 30-year experience in retail and wholesale, I learned the market inside out and watched him creatively working his way and sharing the potential it holds in our community. His vision was to create something accessible locally, with the potential for expansion. With his support, I founded MFM, marrying our passion for food with a desire to serve our community. Beginning with Wheat Flour, we have now expanded to four new products within six months. As we move we set no limits for the future of MFM.

About Founder

Meet our visionary founder, whose journey started early, driven by a deep love for food and a desire to do things differently. Whose entrepreneurial spirit was sparked not in the boardrooms of corporate giants, but in the bustling aisles of local markets and the aroma-filled kitchens of home. Inspired by his dad’s wisdom and years of experience in the food industry, he decided to forge his own path, learning through hands-on experience rather than traditional education.

His ambition? To harness the power of local suppliers and partners, blending flavours and traditions to create something special soon grace every pantry across the nation.

Vision: Providing Homegrown Food Products

Mission: Sharing the Taste of Homegrown Delicacies Worldwide

It’s our journey fueled by love, inspired by tradition, and bound by a relentless pursuit of bringing the taste of homegrown goodness to every corner of the globe.